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Colorado Bound 

This is the live version of "Colorado Bound" from "We Need the Electricity".  Too bad we didn't have any fun.  With Triston McMillan (licking the banjo) and Brit Ofstedal (mando).

I Left Hockey for Rock and Roll 

Grade 9 and 10, in Regina, Saskatchewan, was a turning point for me.  My dream to play in the NHL morphed into rocking it on the skins with AJAL.  Then I wanted to play in the NHL again.

my dream in high school
was with the band
when my pearl drums
beat out my playoff plans
i used to play peewee
but i got hurt
then i heard 'tom sawyer'
and became neil peart
i left hockey for rock and roll...
it wasn't because i was a nerd
it wasn't because my team
kept on comin' in third
it wasn't because i wasn't a jock
it was all because of johann sebastian bach
i left hockey for rock and roll...
my dream in high school
was in the band
but now i take a slapshot every chance i can
cause i left hockey for rock and roll
but i came back
whattya think about that, dad?
i play hockey and rock and roll
it's good for my soul
it's good for my soul...

April Wine 

Have you ever travelled to a concert in a small aluminum fishing boat? My daughter and I did!  We went to see April Wine last summer, parked it at the dock, Delta, Ontario for a mid-summer outdoor rocker.  


The Blooming 

This is my first album.  Recorded way back at Echo Music, St. John's, Nf, May-June 1987.  It was distributed on cassette tape!

My AUB-1 fretless Ampeg Bass 

Don't even ask me to sell this gem. This bass guitar  has a scroll headstock with two large F-holes.  Introduced at NAMM in 1966, a total of 1150 were built.  I have one.  Here are the pics.  I have the original case and user's manual. Mint condition AUB-1's are rare today.  Rick Danko from The Band played one.  I absolutely love the "thump" of it. Click on the pics to read more juicy details.  R.I.P. Rick. 

It all started... 

with a Christmas present.

Note to new musicians:  NEVER sell your first instrument, like I did with my beloved Baxter Percussions.  I sold my first guitar, too.  How I wish I still had that Mann Hummingbird...


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