Mighty Good

My song “Mighty Good”.  Filmed in the mighty month of March in Tokyo.  The guitar/singing/strolling part of the video was shot directly in front of my place in two takes.  Jake and Kimiko walked backwards like pros (Jake on camera, Kimiko holding up audio of the song so I could lip-sync). It was a stumbling experience for us all because sometimes I walked too fast, forgot the lyrics/chords and just moved my lips, and wondered what neighbors were peeking out the window…I think Jake was thinking just what the heck are we doing here?  When the bike rider rode by near the very end I thought to myself, dam, we're gonna have to do that all again, but now that's my favorite part!  We were basically done shooting in about 10 minutes outside; I weaved in the rest of the stuff later that afternoon. Looking back I can see a red splotch on my nose which was the result of frostbite I got on a solo Super Cub camp in Doshi the week before.

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