Midnight Rider

Not too many summers ago, @Triston Mcmillan and fam came for a visit to the Nicholson cottage in southern Ontario. T and I had only so much time to get some recording/jamming/videoing time in.  Here we are in the ‘boathouse’ (boathouse in single quotes because it doesn’t store a boat anymore, plus it’s nowhere near the water, so, though it did store a boat at one point, it really shouldn’t be called a boathouse.  But. it. still. is.) on Lower Beverley Lake.  Triston brought the song:  “We’re doing this.”  And man, did he pick it.  Listen carefully to the musicality he brings to the vocals/guitar. WINNING!  Done in two takes.  In the back of my mind I was also thinking of other possibilities- get the 60’ Pontiac Strato Chief in there…the G.I. Joe with Life-Like-Hair…beer fridge w. Japanese posters I brought back ‘home’ …raw acoustics of the ‘boathouse’…those school buses!  Don’t jump ahead, you’ll miss a Michigan twirl, and Professor Pounder (inside joke) …

In the old days, if a friend came by to ‘jam’, that’s what we would do - bring guitars and play- beers and jam.  There wouldn’t be any other goals like audio recording and especially none of that recording/video nonsense.  These days, I love the creativity of all of it!  Look at what was captured.

The audio was recorded on my trusty Zoom R-16 and I had a ton of fun mixing it in the fall of that year, back in Tokyo. Editing the video was way more fun taking out the ‘bloopers’. Trivia: Spot the shout-out to Gord Downie, as it was later that same summer @The Tragically Hip played their last concert in Kingston, which gives it a nice time stamp.  

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