Colorado Bound

Many Saturday afternoons ago in my ever-changing little music studio in Tokyo. Brit Ofstedal on mandolin and Triston McMillan on banjo. We had so much fun making this video as you may notice. There were three different cameras going and when I tried to put it all together and sync it with the music it was a bloody nightmare. No comment about the video quality… The song had its seed at a party at the Mcmillan’s; there were a number of musicians there with various instruments and I remember just fiddling with this really easy chord progression and melody on the couch. I think someone kept hitting a percussion instrument over and over on the ‘one’ and because it was a party there was a lot of noise and as we were playing, the chorus just kept coming out and that’s basically all we sang, and the majority of the song was finished later. Credit to TM for the ‘Rocky Mountain High…’ part; that’s his. When I crafted the lyrics, they were based around very good friends Brad White and Rachael White, who were soon heading back home to the US from Tokyo, but not necessarily to Colorado, and now that I think of it, maybe that’s who the party was for.

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