1. Caroline
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The song is basically about a guy who reminisces about a girl (Caroline) who sang in a band with him when they were teenagers one summer. He was the drummer and she didn't pay much attention to him, but he had a raging crush on her.


my everything
you pull my heart string
and i would do anything
to have your company now

you wore a nose ring
I think a g-string
and I could use your company now

We played in a band one summer
you would sing, i was the drummer
and when you did pat benetar
i would shoot my shining star

long lovely and lean
we were just eighteen
and I could use your company now

Did you ever go to Paris
Did you find a worthy man
Did it turn out any better
When you traveled to Japan

what could have been
if you just turned around
and threw a kiss at me
if you just turned your head
and said hello to me

I would say…la la la la la…